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  Pension Calculation for Pensioner  
Annexure 'E'
Delhi Development Authority
Superannuation Retirement / Voluntary Retirement
Calculation Sheet

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Basic Pension

Grade Pay
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Minimum Pension  Per Month
Note: Minimum 3500 Per Month.
Retirement Gratuity
Monthly Salary
DA.  (Monthly Salary * 0 %)
Total Emoluments
Proposed Retirement Gratuity  (Total Emoluments * Half-Yearly Period / 4)
Non Vacation of Staff Quater

50% to be with held if SQ not vacated
To be with held in VCR/CNDC

Zero,if VCR/CNDC not clear
Others- Excess Drawl of pay and allowances
Option For Commutation
Commutation of Pension
Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy
Date of Retirement dd/mm/yyyy
Next Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy
Age on Next Date of Birth
Commutation Basic Pension  (Minimum Pension * %)
Commutation's value as per Table No
Commutation of Pension Amount   (Commutation Basic Pension * Commutation's Table No * 12)
After Commutation Pension Amount  (Minimum Pension - Commutation Basic Pension)
Note: Up To 15 Years, After 15 Years Amount commuted portion of pension will restore to min B.P.
Family Exist or Not
Final Proposed Pensionary Benefits :
1. Monthly Pension Per Month
Min. Pension After Commutation Per Month
DA Per Month
Total Monthly Pension Payble Per Month
2. Retirement Gratuity
3. Commutation value of Pension