1. The total area of Delhi State is 1,48,639 hec., with 4,777 ha. under urban cover.
  2. Even as the green areas in Delhi are managed by
    different agencies, DDA has the largest role to play with over 5050 ha. under its jurisdiction.
  3. The green cover area in Delhi is 19 percent of the
    total area, which is much larger than in other cities and makes Delhi one of the greenest cities.
  4. DDA has done exemplary work in protecting Delhi's
    natural environment on the ridge and on the Yamuna River Front. It has maintained the green gardens around historic monuments. It has created a network of innumerable parks and playfields that purify the environment and give joy to the city of Delhi. Above all, DDA has turned wastelands into beautiful manicured parks, reclaiming for Delhi the title of "City of Gardens".
  5. DDA has taken the initiative to secure a greener and cleaner Delhi and is balancing the inexorable expansion of the city by tree plantation and the laying of parks and gardens.
  6. DDA spends about Rs. 40 crore (link to budget)
    every year for developing new green areas and for
    maintaining the already developed greens. No taxes or grants are received for this.
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