Welcome to Samasya Nidaan Sewa
Grievance Redressal System
(Samasya Nidaan Sewa)

Instructions/guidelines for the applicants seeking appointment under Samasya Nidaan Seva Details
1. The new applicant should click on “New User Button” and the old user or the already existing user should click on the “Existing User Button”.
2. The new applicant should specify whether he/she is a property owner or a pensioner of DDA or he/She has a general query or he/she has a Special Task Force (STF) - Enforcement Drive query.
3. Accordingly a form will appear on the screen which is to be filled up by the applicant and ensure that all mandatory fields are filled up.
4. After filling up the form the applicant must create his/her “User name” and “password” for further action.
5. Check the reference ID and print for further correspondence.
6. Now user can log in into the system by clicking the log in button.
7. Now the applicant should enter the user name and password in the log in page.
8. If applicant forgets password, a new password can be generated by clicking on “Forgot Password Button”. New password will be sent to the registered email-id of the applicant.
9. The applicant can see status of his/her application by clicking on “View Status Button”.
10. To reprint in reference one can click on “Re-print Reference Button”.
11. For any property query click on “Property Query Button” and fill in the required form.
12. For any pensioner query click on “Pensioner’s Query” and fill in the required form.
13. For any general query click on “General Query” Button and fill in the required form.
14. For any cadastral maps query click on “Cadastral Maps Query” Button and fill in the required form.
15. For any Special Task Force (STF) - Enforcement Drive query, click on “Special Task Force (STF) - Enforcement Drive” link and fill in the required form.
16. While filling property details in property proforma, please note to fill up Property No and File No as it is difficult to process the grievance without filling these fields.
17. For changing the password the applicant can click on “Change Password Button” to change the password.

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